About Our Shirts

At Positive Message Tees, we create statement-making t-shirts that are fun to wear, fun to read, and good to the last wash.

Our tees speak volumes about the people who wear them. But that's not all. Our shirts are also aspirational: the messages on the front our our t-shirts serve as gentle reminders to the kids (of all ages) who wear them. We firmly believe that the quality of one's day can be influenced, at least in part, by the quality of one's tee.

So, if you're searching for a meaningful gift, or you've got something important to say, you can say it--in fact you should say it-- with a tee shirt: a Positive Message Tee.

About Our Store

Way back in 2017, we began creating branded merchandise and positive-themed tees for kids to complement an existing series of children's books called The Mystery Ryders. It soon became apparent to us that kids weren't the only people who needed positive reinforcement and positive apparel.

So, as an outgrowth of The Mystery Ryders Store, we opened Positive Message Tees, complete with a 5-day-a-week inspirational blog and a growing inventory of aspirational tees for grown-ups as well as kids.

About Own-A-Zone

Positive Message Tees is a participating store in the Mystery Ryders Own-A-Zone plan. The plan offers a continuing 6% revenue stream based on online sales that are shipped into specific geographic territories, AKA "zones."

Currently, 2018 licenses are free with a starter-set of Mystery Ryder books. Not surprisingly, the size of the starter set depends on the population of each territory.

If you're interested, you can check out the details at MysteryRydersFriends.com but don't delay because we can only accept one licensee per territory.

About Us

Basically, we're a three-person, home-based operation supported by lots and lots of online talent. Our online vendor/partners include: Shopify, Printful, Elegant Themes, MailChimp, and GoDaddy, all of whom have performed admirably thus far.

Our three team members are: Criswell Freeman (full-time writer, part-time Blogger-in-Chief), Carli Freeman (full-time honor-student at Fordham, part-time co-author of the Mystery Ryders), and Angela Freeman (part-time editor, full-time Everything-Else).

Here at PositiveMessageTees.com, we're working hard to crank out meaningful content and meaning-filled apparel. In our spare time, we also host-and-post a content-rich, 5-days-a-week kids' blog called The Daily Ryder. And when we're not doing that, we're probably writing kids' mysteries, ghost-writing self-help books, attending college (Carli's a second-semester freshman), or sleeping. 

Thanks for giving us a look.

PositiveMessageTees.com: "We fit your attitude to a tee."