in 2011, we self-published the first three books in the Mystery Ryders Series. We gave copies to family members and close friends. As it tuned out, kids loved the series, so we kept writing.

By 2017, we'd completed eight books which, by then, were available on Amazon. As a logical outgrowth of the series, we created a small line of branded merchandise and positive-themed tees for kids. But it soon became apparent to us that kids weren't the only people who needed positive reinforcement and positive apparel.

So, as an outgrowth of The Mystery Ryders Store, we opened PositiveMessageTees.com, complete with a day-starter blog and a growing inventory of aspirational tees for grown-ups as well as kids.

The Own-A-Zone Business Model

As a way of building our brand and engaging new partners, we created the Mystery Ryders Own-A-Zone plan, a territory-based revenue-sharing business structure that offers a 6% override based on online sales that are shipped into specific geographic "zones."

Positive Message Tees is a participating store in the Mystery Ryders Own-A-Zone plan. This means that licensees will receive 6% of Net Sales Revenue on both the Mystery Ryders Store and PositiveMessageTees.com. The 6% payment applies to orders that are shipped into the licensee's zone. Payments are made quarterly. 

2018 Licenses

Currently, 2018 Mystery Ryder Own-A-Zone licenses are free with a starter-set of Mystery Ryder books. Not surprisingly, the size of the starter set depends on the population of each territory.

If you're interested, you can check out the details at MysteryRydersFriends.com but don't delay because we can only accept one licensee per territory. And if someone in your town is going to earn 6% on every Mystery Ryders book or Positive Message Tee, it might as well be you!